Karen Solie’s forth collection of poems, The Road in Is Not the Same Road Out, was published in 2015. A volume of selected poems, The Living Option, was published in the U.K. in 2013. Born and raisied in Saskatchewan, she lives in Toronto.


Mortar, the stuff that binds the aggregate, is itself a composite substance, and similarly composite is my foundation as a writer. I find that final phrase discomfiting for reasons I’m not altogether clear on, but in part because I suspect . . .
Brick 100

For C. D. Wright

I remember very clearly when I first read C. D. Wright. A dim winter afternoon in Edmonton, 2005, in Audrey’s Books on Jasper Avenue. Browsing the poetry section, I picked out Deepstep Come Shining. Knew I’d buy it before . . .
Brick 97