Brick is an unpredictable, original, yet reliable feast which I’ve enjoyed year after year. Nobody who cares about books or life could be disappointed in it.

— Alice Munro


The best literary publication in North America.

— Annie Proulx


Brick is an international literary journal published twice a year out of Toronto. With a focus on literary non-fiction—and a willingness to stray when our hearts are taken—the magazine prizes the personal voice and celebrates life, art, and the written word with the most invigorating and challenging essays, interviews, translations, memoirs, belles lettres, and unusual musings we can get our hands on. We’re guided by the quotation that appears on the masthead of every issue:

Works of art are of an infinite loneliness and with nothing to be so little reached as with criticism. Only love can grasp and hold and fairly judge them.

— Rainer Maria Rilke

In our pages, you’ll find opinion, passion, revelation, and the occasional bad joke.

Each issue of Brick brings new essays and insights from the world’s best-loved writers and introduces fresh, emerging voices from all over. Since its inception in 1977, Brick has featured such heavyweights as John Berger, Karen Solie, Juan Gabriel Vásquez, Zadie Smith, John Irving, and Louise Erdrich.

As much a feast for the eyes as it is for the mind, Brick regularly features art and photographic inserts and has been widely praised for its design. Every six months, we are building an artifact—a volume to read and keep and return to.

Get to Know Us Better

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Brick was founded in London, Ontario, in 1977 by Stan Dragland and Jean McKay. From 1985 until 2013, Michael Ondaatje led the magazine and helped to establish its international reputation, leaving a legacy of intellectual curiosity and passion for the written word.

Now based in Toronto and edited by Dionne Brand, David Chariandy, Laurie D. Graham, Michael Helm, Liz Johnston, Rebecca Silver Slayter, and Madeleine Thien, Brick brings international voices to Canadian readers and Canadian voices to the world in the widest and most galvanizing exploration of the arts possible.

Brick is published twice a year and distributed to bookstores worldwide.

ISSN: 0382-8565


  • Publisher
    Laurie D. Graham
  • Editors
    Dionne Brand, David Chariandy, Laurie D. Graham, Michael Helm, Liz Johnston, Rebecca Silver Slayter, Madeleine Thien
  • Contributing Editors
    Teju Cole, Robert Hass, Anne McLean, Tara Quinn,
    Souvankham Thammavongsa
  • Managing Editor
    Allison LaSorda
  • Circulation & Marketing Manager
    Yohani Mendis
  • Art Director
    Mark Byk
  • Readers
    Orly Zebak, Jack Donnelly, Rachel Gerry, Yohani Mendis, Laura Bourbonnais, Pablo Pizarro Janczur
  • Brick Podcast Producer
    Sarah Melton
  • Original Design
    Gordon Robertson, Rick/Simon
  • Logos
    David Bolduc
  • Copy Editor
    Heather Sangster
  • Website Design
    Mark Byk with Matthew McKinnon
  • Founders
    Stan Dragland & Jean McKay

    Brick Podcast

    Featuring interviews with writers, poets, artists, and storytellers from the magazine’s pages, Brick Podcast lets you hear what moves Brick’s contributors to create, what fuels their practice, and what they can’t stop thinking about. Available on iTunes or right here, Brick Podcast is hosted and produced by Sarah Melton.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often does Brick come out?
We publish two issues per year: Winter (on newsstands from late November to May), and Summer (late May to November).

Where can I buy copies of the magazine?
Brick is available at bookstores and newsagents across Canada and the United States. For a complete list of stores, check here. If you don’t see your local bookstore listed, you might want to ask them to carry Brick (we’d love it if you would), or better yet, you could subscribe and we’ll come directly to your door.

How can I subscribe?
You can easily order Brick online through our Orders page, or send a cheque or money order with your name and address to:

P.O. Box 609, STN P
Toronto, ON
M5S 2Y4 Canada

A two-year subscription (that’s four issues!) to Brick is $48 CAD in Canada, $50 USD in the U.S., and $56 USD overseas. We’re pleased to introduce one-year (two issue) subscriptions for $28 CAD in Canada, $29 USD in the U.S., and $33 USD for international subscriptions.

Okay, I’m a subscriber. It’s mid-June (or mid-December). Where’s my Brick?
Depending on where you live and the odd irregularities of the post, your issue of Brick may take a little longer to get to you. If it has been more than a couple of weeks and you’re feeling anxious, please do get in touch to ensure we have your correct address.

How do I change my address?
Send us an email with your old and new address clearly distinguished. We’ll do the rest, and even send you a confirmation email.

I have an idea for a Brick piece. To whom should I address my query letter?
Alas, to someone else. Brick does not accept queries, we are only interested in hard copies of completed manuscripts.

How can I submit to Brick?
We’re happy to accept a hard copy of your non-fiction manuscript, but first, to ensure you meet all of our guidelines, please go to our submissions guidelines.

Who should I email my fiction and/or poetry to?
Please, not us. Brick does not accept unsolicited fiction or poetry, or any submissions by email. Please reread our submissions guidelines.

Does Brick offer internships?
Although we have no formal internship program, we do occasionally offer keen individuals the chance to volunteer with us on a part-time basis. If interested, please send us a brief email outlining your interest in Brick with a copy of your CV and let us contact you when we’re looking.

What information does Brick collect through this website, and how is my privacy protected?

Your privacy is very important to us and we are committed to complying with the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (“PIPEDA”) and any applicable provincial privacy legislation. We believe in fully disclosing the ways in which we collect, use, disclose, and otherwise manage your personal information. You can find this information, along with information about how you can opt out of certain communications, in our privacy policy.



Is Your Work Right For Brick?

Brick prides itself on publishing the best literary non-fiction in the world, and we are eager to read your freshest, most impeccable, most compelling non-fiction submissions. We welcome diverse voices charting broad imaginings, current conversations, rich ideas, urgent passions, and beautiful, thoughtful, difficult, or irreverent art. Underrepresented writers—including but not limited to writers who are Black, Indigenous, people of colour, queer, non-binary, Deaf, and/or disabled—are especially encouraged to submit their literary non-fiction.

What is literary non-fiction, you ask? It’s a wider label than you might think. We are guided by the following tenet, which appears on the masthead of every issue of Brick:

Works of art are of an infinite loneliness and with nothing to be so little reached as with criticism. Only love can grasp and hold and fairly judge them.

— Rainer Maria Rilke

Love has led Brick to publish essays of every description: on reading, the writing life, literature, art, ideas, travel, science, photography, the perfect ending, dance, sport, music, city-building, food, bathrooms, history . . . and we are always looking for new terrain. We are interested in the singular obsessions that compel you to write. We welcome humour, we welcome depth, we welcome the unclassifiable, and we welcome playfulness with the non-fiction form.

An average issue of Brick will contain essays, reviews, interviews, belle lettres, memoir, translations, and all manner of incidental ephemera. (Brick also contains the odd story or poem or piece of art or photography, but we sadly do not accept such submissions and will return them to you unread.)

Do take the time to familiarize yourself with a recent issue of the magazine or the work we post on our website before you submit to Brick. We do not consider queries, so ordering a few back issues or tracking Brick down at your local library is the best way to see if your finished work might suit our pages. You may also take advantage of the opportunity to pre-order an upcoming issue at a discount when you submit through Submittable.

Brick pays its contributors upon publication and offers $55–660, depending on the length of accepted work, plus two copies of the issue the work appears in and a one-year subscription to the magazine.


Submission Guidelines:

* We welcome submissions both by mail and online through Submittable.

* Brick is open for submissions twice a year: from September 1 to October 31, and from March 1 to April 30. Mailed submissions that come to us postmarked outside these dates will not be read or returned.

* We consider only finished, polished non-fiction submissions.

* Submissions must be previously unpublished.

* We will read simultaneous submissions, but please let us know as soon as your manuscript is accepted for publication elsewhere.

* Please only submit one piece at a time. Please wait for our response before sending us other work to consider. Multiple submissions will be automatically rejected

* While Brick does not set a word limit, we tend towards a range of 1,000–5,000 words. Of course, rules like this were made to be broken. Whatever the length, the piece must be exemplary.

* Please allow up to six months for us to respond to your submission.

* If you would prefer to send your submission by mail, please mail it here:

P.O. Box 609, Stn P
Toronto, ON M5S 2Y4

* Please include an email address with your submission. If you would like us to respond by regular mail, or to return your manuscript, you must include a self-addressed envelope with sufficient Canadian postage.

* If you are submitting to Brick from the United States or from elsewhere outside of Canada, we will not be able to return your manuscript unless you include a cheque for $5.00 to cover the cost of Canadian postage.

* Submitters are welcome to state demographics such as race, age, gender, etc., in their cover letter if they so choose.

If you’ve read our guidelines above and are ready to submit your best non-fiction to Brick, please send it through Submittable (or by mail) during our submission periods. We look forward to reading your work.



Where to Buy Brick

Over the past couple of years, we’ve had the pleasure of chatting/emailing with a handful of passionate, dedicated booksellers from around the world about their Brick-carrying bookstores. Click on one of the links below to read one of our Brickseller interviews.

Atlantic News, Halifax

Aye-Aye Books, Glasgow

City Lights Books, San Francisco

Quimby’s Bookstore, Chicago

Type Books, Toronto

Do You Read Me?!, Berlin

The Booksmith, San Francisco

Mac’s Fireweed Books, Whitehorse

London Review Bookshop, London

McNally Jackson Books, New York

Book City, Toronto

Aside from our online storeBrick can be purchased at the following bookstores and newsstands throughout the world:




Daily Globe News—1004 17 Avenue S.W.

Shelf Life Books—100-1302 4th Street S.W.

Chapters Indigo—various locations


Chapters Indigo—various locations


Club Cigar—301 5th Street South

Chapters Indigo—701 1st Avenue South

Red Deer

Chapters Indigo—5250 22nd Street

Rocky View

Chapters Indigo—261055 Crossiron Boulevard

Sherwood Park

Chapters Indigo—2020 Sherwood Drive

St. Albert

Chapters Indigo—445 St. Albert Trail


Dobbin’s Cottage Garden— 1019-2 Avenue

British Columbia


Lotus Books —33 10th Avenue South


Chapters Indigo—1395 Hillside Drive


Chapters Indigo—Orchard Park


Vancouver Island University Bookstore—Bldg 305, 900 5th Street

Chapters Indigo—Woodgrove Centre


Otter Books—398 Baker Street

Prince George

Books & Company—1685 3rd Avenue

Salt Spring Island

Salt Spring Books—104 McPhillips Avenue


Tanner’s Books—2436 Beacon Avenue


Misty River Books—103-4710 Lazelle Avenue


McNews—1460 Lonsdale Avenue

People’s Co-Op Bookstore—1391 Commercial Drive

Chapters Indigo—various locations


The Monahan Agency—2506 41st Street


Bolen Books—1644 Hillside Avenue

Ivy’s Bookshop—2188 Oak Bay Avenue

Munro’s Bookstore—1108 Government Street

Subtext—University of Victoria

Chapters Indigo—1212 Douglas Street



McNally Robinson Booksellers—1120 Grant Avenue

Pages on Kensington—1135 Kensington Road

Red River College Bookstore

University of Manitoba Bookstore—140 University Centre

University of Winnipeg Bookstore—471 Portage Avenue

Chapters Indigo—Polo Festival, 695 Empress Street

New Brunswick


Chapters Indigo—Regent Mall


Chapters Indigo—Crystal Palace, 499 Paul Street


St. John’s

Chapters Indigo—70 Kenmount Street

Nova Scotia


Chapters Indigo—41 Mic Mac Boulevard


The Inside Story— 963 Central Avenue


Atlantic News—5560 Morris Street

New Minas

Coles—County Fair Mall


Chapters Indigo—various locations throughout Ontario


The Printed Word—69 King Street West


The Bookshelf—41 Quebec Street


Mixed Media—1058 King Street West


Novel Idea—156 Princess Street


Manticore Books—103 Mississaga Street East


Books on Beechwood—35 Beechwood Avenue

Glebe Smoke Shop—201–738A Bank Street

Parry Sound

Parry Sound Books—26 James Street


Smoker’s Corner—Pickering Town Centre


Books & Company—289 Main Street

Port Hope

Furby House Books—65 Walton Street

St. Catharines

Christopher’s Smoke Shop—26 James Street


Another Story—315 Roncesvalles Avenue

Book City—501 Bloor Street West

Book City—348 Danforth Avenue

Book City—1950 Queen Street East

Book City—1430 Yonge Street

Good Catch—1556 Queen Street West

Presse Internationale—2068 Queen Street East

Presse Internationale—537 Bloor Street West

Queen Books—914 Queen Street East

Toronto Comic Arts Festival Shop—789 Yonge Street

Type Books—883 Queen Street West

Type Books—2887 Dundas St W

York University Bookstore—4700 King Street


Words Worth Books —100 King Street South



Paragraphe Bookstore—2220 McGill College Ave



Chapters Indigo—Southland Mall


McNally Robinson Booksellers—3130 8th Street East



Mac’s Fireweed Books—203 Main Street

United States



Nightbird Books—205 W. Dickson Street



Northtown Books—957 H Street


Pegasus Books—2349 Shattuck Avenue

Half Moon Bay

Harbor Books & Gallery—270 Capistrano Road # 24

Los Angeles

Last Bookstore—453 S. Spring Street

Corte Madera

Book Passage—51 Tamal Vista Boulevard

Menlo Park

Kepler’s Books—1010 El Camino Real

Mill Valley

Depot Bookstore & Café—87 Throckmorton Avenue


DeLauer’s News Agency—1310 Broadway


Vroman’s Bookstore—695 E. Colorado Boulevard

San Diego

Hillcrest News—529 University Avenue

Paras News—3911 30th Street

San Francisco

Books Inc.—2251 Chestnut Street

Books Inc.—601 Van Ness

City Lights Books—261 Columbus Avenue

Fog City News—455 Market Street, Suite 125

The Booksmith—1644 Haight Street

Smoke Signals—2223 Polk Street



Boulder Bookstore—1107 Pearl Street



Bank Square Books—53 West Main Street


Hickory Stick Bookshop—2 Green Hill Road

District of Colombia


Politics & Prose Bookstore—5015 Connecticut Avenue NW


Coral Gables

Books & Books—265 Aragon Avenue

Miami Beach

Books & Books Inc—927 Lincoln Road

Palm Beach

Main Street News—255 Royal Poinciana Way



City News—4018 N. Cicero Avenue

Quimby’s Bookstore—1854 W. North Avenue

The Book Cellar—4736–38 N. Lincoln Avenue


Chicago-Main Newsstand—860 Chicago at Main



sQecial media—371 S. Limestone Street


Carmichael’s Bookstore—1295 Bardstown Road


Blue Hill

Blue Hill Books—26 Pleasant Street


Maine Coast Book Shop—58 Main Street



Trident Booksellers Inc.—338 Newbury Street


Brookline Booksmith—279 Harvard Street


Harvard Book Store—1256 Massachusetts Avenue

Great Barrington

The Bookloft—332 Stockbridge Road


Jabberwocky Bookshop & Café—Tannery Mill Bldg. 1 50 Water Street


Ann Arbor

Literati Bookstore—124 E Washington Street

Grand Haven

Bookman—715 Washington Street

Grand Rapids

Stray Dog Café—1035 Wealthy Avenue SE


Readers World—194 S River Avenue

Royal Oak

Barnes & Noble—500 South Main Street

Traverse City

Brilliant Books—118 E. Front Street



Shakespeare & Co.—103 S 3rd Street West

New Hampshire


Toadstool Bookshop—222 West Street

New York


BookCourt—163 Court Street


Book Revue—313 New York Avenue

New York

Book Culture—536 W. 112 Street

Book Culture—2915 Broadway

McNally Jackson—52 Prince Street

North Carolina

Chapel Hill

Bulls Head/Student Stores—1530 Daniels Bldg UNC


The Regulator Bookshop—720 Ninth Street


Quail Ridge Books & Music—3522 Wade Avenue



Organic Trails Café—4241 N High Street

Organic Trails Café—951 N High Street



Rich’s Cigar Store—820 S W Alder

Rich’s Cigar Store—706 N W 23rd Avenue


The Book Bin—450 Court Street NE



The Doylestown Bookshop—16 S. Main Street

Rhode Island


ADA Books—717 Westminster Street

Brown University Bookstore—71 Olive Street



Ebenezer Books—2 Lower Main Street W.



Watermark Book Company—612 Commercial Avenue

Port Angeles

Port Book & News—104 East First Street


Elliott Bay Book Company—1521 Tenth Avenue



Boswell Book Company—2559 N. Downer Avenue

Outside North America



Magalleria—22a Broad Street


Daily News—40 Great Horton Road


Here Gallery—108 Stokes Croft


Charlotte Street News—66 Charlotte Street, Fitzrovia

London Review Bookshop—14 Bury Place

Shreeji Newsagents—various locations

Wardour News—118- 120 Wardour Street, Soho


Five Leaves Bookshop—14A Long Row


Magazine Heaven—Rushden Lakes Shopping Centre



Do You Read Me?!—Auguststrasse 28



Books Upstairs—36 College Green



Educational Bookshop—19 Salh Al Din Street



National Gallery of Scotland—Princes Street Shop, The Mound


Aye-Aye Books—350 Sauchiehall Street


Basheer Graphic Books—#04-19, Bras Basah Complex, BLK 231, Bain Street

South Africa

Cape Town

Book Lounge—71 Roeland Street



Pasajes Libros—Calle Génova, 3

The Netherlands


Scheltema Boekhandel—Rokin 9


Traders Pop—First floor, Heggenstraat 16



Pandora, Perihan Sok. No. 68/2, Sisli

If you want Brick to be carried in your favourite neighbourhood bookstore, let them know or send us a note. Also, if we’ve missed your favourite store and you know it carries Brick, let us know and we’ll add them to this list.


Brick features the best literary non-fiction the world has to offer. Weighing in at nearly one hundred and seventy perfect-bound pages, Brick is carried by independent bookstores, newsstands, and major retailers across North America and is subscribed to by readers around the world. As Brick is published twice a year, each advertisement has a six-month lifespan, if not longer. Copies of Brick are read, saved, and shared.

Brick’s mandate is beyond that of a typical literary magazine. It is a feast of passionate writing on life and the arts: personal essays, interviews, cultural reporting, belles lettres, and much more of the idiosyncratic writing that only Brick can provide. Founded in 1977 and based in Toronto, Brick has an international perspective—and presence. It celebrates and publishes Canadian authors such as John Ralston Saul, Alice Munro, and Margaret Atwood, and it also plays host to some of the world’s best-loved writers: Tomas Tranströmer, Jonathan Lethem, Orhan Pamuk, Jeffery Eugenides, John Berger, Haruki Murakami, Michael Chabon, Pico Iyer, and Zadie Smith have all appeared in its pages. Intelligent, discerning, and contemplative, Brick is more than a literary magazine; it is an institution.

Please contact us at 416-593-9684 or email us if you’re interested in advertising in Brick.


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Half page 700 650 615 580
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Full page 800 745 705 670
Half page 550 510 485 460
Quarter page 325 300 285 270
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All web ads are hyperlinked and can be animate gifs. For the best display on high-resolution screens, please send ads at 600pxW x 500pxH.


Box 609, Stn P
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To contact Brick by email, please send a message to

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