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As Emerson wrote in his journal between 1832 and 1834: “A true method…tells its own story, makes its own feet, creates its own form. It is its own apology.” That’s what we’re after at Brick. Something that’s not just smart but thoughtful, that’s surprising, a little strange, and usually moving. There’s no making of cases or closings of deals. We’re looking for things we can’t help but believe, that we’ve never quite seen before, said in a way we’ve never heard before.

Michael Helm, Brick editor

Brick prides itself on publishing the best literary non-fiction in the world, and we are eager to read your impeccable and compelling non-fiction submissions. We crave pieces with formal integrity that take creative approaches to rich ideas. Underrepresented writers—including but not limited to writers who are Black, Indigenous, people of colour, queer, non-binary, Deaf, and/or disabled—are especially encouraged to submit their literary non-fiction.

An average issue of Brick will contain essays, reviews, interviews, belle lettres, memoir, translations, and all manner of incidental literary ephemera. In curating our issues, we are guided by the following tenet, which appears on the masthead of every issue of Brick:

Works of art are of an infinite loneliness and with nothing to be so little reached as with criticism. Only love can grasp and hold and fairly judge them.

Rainer Maria Rilke

Love has led Brick to publish essays of every description. Some recent examples include a memoir of loss and art, a book review that defies reviewership, a poetic essay on Blackness and breath, favourite films reframed, a travelogue rich with politically charged history, a slant view of motherhood, writers in conversation, a gem in literary history, and a consideration of comfort food. Still, we are always looking for new terrain. We want to read about the singular obsessions that compel you to write. We welcome playfulness and beauty, depth and difficulty, the unclassifiable, and your explorations of the non-fiction form.

If a piece contains beautiful, surprising prose, I find it impossible to turn away. I am carried by the cadence, and by listening for how cadence supports subject, the vitality it lends.

Laurie D. Graham, Brick editor and publisher

Do take the time to familiarize yourself with a recent issue of the magazine by subscribing, ordering a back issue, signing up for our newsletter Bricolage, or reading pieces on our website before you submit to Brick. Reading our magazine is the best way to situate yourself with what we publish. You may also take advantage of the opportunity to order a discounted issue or subscribe at a discount when you submit through Submittable.

Brick pays its contributors upon publication and offers $65–720, depending on the length of accepted work, plus two copies of the issue the work appears in and a one-year subscription to the magazine.

Submission Guidelines:

  • We can only accept submissions through Submittable. Mailed or emailed submissions will not be read, returned, or responded to.
  • Brick is open for submissions twice a year: from October 1 to October 31 and from April 1 to April 30. 
  • We routinely reach our Submittable-imposed cap of free submissions well before the submission period ends. We do, however, leave our submit-and-subscribe and submit-and-buy-an-issue options open throughout the submission period, in case you’re interested in acquainting yourself with the magazine at the same time as submitting work to it. If this presents a barrier to you, please do get in touch, and do aim to send your work at the start of the open submission period.
  • We consider only finished, polished literary non-fiction submissions.
  • Submissions must be previously unpublished.
  • We will read simultaneous submissions, but please let us know and withdraw your piece if your manuscript is accepted for publication elsewhere.
  • Please only submit one piece at a time. Please wait for a response before sending us other work to consider. Multiple submissions will be automatically rejected.
  • While Brick does not set a word limit, we tend toward a range of 1,000–5,000 words. Whatever the length, the piece must be exemplary.
  • Please allow up to a year for us to respond to your submission. We are a small team and appreciate your patience as we spend time with each and every piece.

If you’ve read our guidelines above and are ready to submit your best literary non-fiction to Brick, please send it through Submittable during our submission periods. We look forward to reading your work.