Brick 82

Could we ever know each other in the slightest without the arts?
—Gabrielle Roy



  • Carolyn Forché remembers Mahmoud Darwish
  • Werner Herzog and Paul Holdengräber discuss the twentieth century
  • Margaret Atwood on James Reaney
  • Elizabeth Bowen and Charles Ritchie in love
  • Hans Christian Andersen and William S. Burroughs play with scissors
  • Haruki Murakami on translating The Great Gatsby
  • Ted Goossen on Murakami the translator
  • New fiction from André Alexis and Barbara Romanik
  • Kenneth Sherman on Vasily Grossman’s awakening
  • Leon Edel meets Bernard Shaw
  • The fall of David Harsent
  • Elena Poniatowska in conversation with Eleanor Wachtel
  • New poetry from Mahmoud Darwish, Zhu Wen, Phil Hall, and David Harsent
  • Charles Foran reports from China
  • Rachel Shihor at the zoo
  • Ornan Rotem on the ancient rhythms of Rachel Shihor
  • Baziju and the Master of the Garden
  • Jim Harrison weighs in on food and finance
  • And in The Review:
  • A new Brick feature with contributions from Elizabeth Hay, Michael Redhill, Michael Helm, Tara Quinn, Rebecca Silver Slayter, and Laird Hunt
  • Photos and illustrations by:
  • Martin Helmut Reis, Hans Christian Andersen, William S. Burroughs, David Bolduc, David Hlynsky, stef lenk, Paul Watson, Eleanor Wachtel, Mark Byk, Barbara Hall, and Dave Chang