Brick 74

Who would I have murdered if I had killed some cheetah walking with long strides, supple as a villain from long ago?
—Jean Genet


  • In this issue:
  • Simon McBurney’s Japanese theatre
  • The letters of Al Purdy
  • Francisco Goldman talks to Semi Chellas
  • Tarzan’s first letter(s) to Jane
  • New poetry from Lisa Robertson
  • Max Maven on simple magic
  • Don DeLillo: The remote artists
  • Interview with Alberto Ruy-Sanchez
  • Eleni Sikelianos: A daughter’s memoir
  • New poetry from Albert Goldbarth
  • Jane Rule on Toni Onley
  • Alberto Manguel reads Kim
  • Photographs by David Donald
  • Margaret Atwood’s Wild Kingdom
  • New fiction from Alex Pugsley
  • P. K. Page and Mark Abley at a George Johnston reading
  • Joseph Curtin unvarnished: A memoir of violin making
  • The insatiable Jim Harrison
  • Michael Winter stalks Norman Levine
  • A found letter from Baden Vance