Brick 78

Do not feel safe. The poet remembers. / You can kill one, but another is born. / The words are written down, the deed, the date.
—Czeslaw Milosz


  • In this issue:
  • Robert Hass salutes Robin Blaser
  • Vikram Seth talks to Eleanor Wachtel
  • John Berger on Pasolini
  • Barry Gifford tracks down B. Traven
  • Peter Dale Scott on Milosz
  • Jane Jacobs writes home
  • Jim Harrison ponders supper
  • Sylvia Plath’s theory of poetry
  • Jack Hirschman translates Pasolini
  • John Mighton talks to David Young
  • Poetry from Jim Harrison, W. S. Merwin, Dennis Lee, Tracy K. Smith, and Ko Un
  • Justine Picardie’s favourite frocks
  • Palash Krishna Mehrotra tries dating
  • Sarmishta Subramanian balances herself
  • Jeannie Marshall’s neighbours
  • Clark Blaise peers into the gene pool
  • Baziju takes a shortcut
  • Raoul Hausmann writes an opera with Kurt Schwitters
  • Kenneth Sherman on Anne Frank
  • Sandow Birk and Marcus Sanders reinvent Dante’s Inferno
  • Plus:
  • A full-colour insert of Nelofer Pazira’s Afghanistan photographs
  • Photos and illustrations by:
  • Martin Helmut Reis, Matei Gloss, Ko Un, Kenneth Tantra, Steven Heighton, stef lenk, Emily Holton, V. Tony Hauser, Cylla Von Tiedeman, and Scott Carruthers