Episode 8: Sharon Olds

Brick publisher Laurie Graham speaks with poet Sharon Olds to discuss everything from Olds’ strict religious upbringing to looming environmental catastrophe. They consider how even the most difficult or seemingly private things about us has the capacity for poetry. . . .

Episode 7: Souvankham Thammavongsa

In this episode of Brick Podcast, Souvankham Thammavongsa pushes back against being underestimated. She discusses her new short story collection How to Pronounce Knife, her Randy Travis fandom, and giving Little Red Riding Hood a brand new ending.   . . .

Episode 6: Amitava Kumar

Brick editor Liz Johnston in conversation with Amitava Kumar to consider the nature of memory, the interplay of fact and fiction, and the power (and limitations) of the written word. This interview was conducted pre-pandemic, so no social distancing was . . .

Episode 5: Karen Solie

In this episode of Brick Podcast, Neve Dickson interviews Karen Solie. Solie reads a poem from her newest book, The Caiplie Caves, which was featured in Brick 103, and discusses what drew her to write about the caves and the . . .

READING: Ed Pavlić, Part 2

Ed Pavlić reads “Beyond Simplicity: The Journey Toward James Baldwin’s Letter from the Birmingham Motel, Part 2.” Where part 1 of the essay explores the complex motivations that sent Baldwin travelling through the Deep South, part 2 traces Baldwin’s journey . . .

READING: Ed Pavlić, Part 1

  Ed Pavlić reads “Beyond Simplicity: The Journey Toward James Baldwin’s Letter from the Birmingham Motel, Part 1.” Published in Brick 101, the piece explores the complex motivations that brought Baldwin back from France to the U.S. and sent him . . .

READING: Canisia Lubrin

  “After his usual taxi rounds, Gregory was supposed to pick us up from that restaurant on King Street…” Canisia Lubrin reads her short story “No ID or We Could Be Brothers,” which was published in Brick 101. Produced by . . .

Episode 3: Jennifer Baichwal

Anthropocene: The Human Epoch is Jennifer Baichwal, Nicholas de Pencier and Edward Burtynsky’s third collaboration, following Manufactured Landscapes (2006) and Watermark (2013). Exploring humankind’s impact on the planet in visually stunning but often devastating portraits, The Anthropocene Project spans a . . .

Episode 2: Eden Robinson

When Eden Robinson first started writing, she thought grim and gritty stories were the key to being taken seriously. In this episode of Brick Podcast, she reflects on how, amidst gluten intolerance and hot flashes, goofiness has crept back into . . .

Episode 1: Billy-Ray Belcourt

In Brick Podcast’s first episode, Billy-Ray Belcourt reads his piece “Cree Girl Explodes the Necropolis of Ottawa.” He talks about winning the Griffin Poetry Prize, writing as resistance, and coming out to his kookum as queer. Hosted and produced by . . .