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Brick 88

I feel I have the destiny, but I didn’t get the luck.

—Yaqui Lopez

Brick 88

Winter 2012


Product Description

  • Plus:
  • A photo-essay by Deborah Luster
    Drawings, paintings, and notes from the archives of Derek Walcott
  • And in The Review:
  • Robert Boyers, Laurie D Graham, Alayna Munce, Tara Quinn, & David Thomson
  • Photos and illustrations by:
  • Peter Gordon Mann, Martin Helmut Reis, Mark Byk, Kristine Tortora, Joan Leigh Fermor, Jerry Bauer, Alison Harris, Héctor Abad, Johann Rost, Don Peterson, Joan Marcus, Michael Ondaatje, Johannes Kepler, Christopher Dew