Brick 85

We are people who realize projects without permission, that’s all.


  • In this issue:
  • Zadie Smith talks to Eleanor Wachtel
  • Sean Michaels deep under Paris
  • Javier Marías talks to Juan Gabriel Vásquez
  • Julio Cortázar writes to Luis Buñuel
  • New poetry by Robert Hass, Steven Heighton, and Laura Lush
  • Carl Wilson pays tribute to Kate McGarrigle
  • Gísli Sigurðsson represents his country, sort of
  • Dennis Reid remembers David Bolduc
  • Linda Spalding visits June Leaf
  • An excerpt from Michael Helm’s new novel
  • Eric Karpeles on Proust’s American connection
  • Pico Iyer revisits the outback
  • Damion Searls gets Rohmer’s drift
  • Simon McBurney’s endgame
  • Joseph O’Connor falls for Patti Smith
  • Jim Harrison prefers birds, actually
  • Layne Coleman’s memories
  • Plus:
  • Alison Harris’s exquisite photographs of Il Teatro Sociale di Camogli and a full colour insert featuring the work of June Leaf and David Bolduc
  • And in The Review:
  • Rawi Hage, Linda Spalding, Laird Hunt, Stevie Cameron, and Maura Dooley
  • Photos and illustrations by:
  • Zoriah, Sean Michaels, Gail Kenney, Luis Mora, Martin Helmut Reis, Marcel Proust, Mark Byk, Trevor Ydreos, stef lenk, Peter Foley, and Tara Quinn