Brick 72

Our situation is excellent, but not hopeless.
—Russian saying


  • In this issue:
  • From the journals of Sheila Watson
  • Jim Harrison retreats to Paris
  • How Alice Munro wrote “The Love of a Good Woman”
  • An original theatrical work by Carol Shields, introduced by Ross Manson
  • Semi Chellas does the math
  • A last visit between Harry Hook and Wilfred Thesiger
  • D. H. Lawrence and Rosemary Sullivan travel together
  • Fanny Howe interviewed by William Corbett
  • Japanese diamonds, by Pico Iyer
  • The mystery deepens for Lawrence Weschler
  • Robert Rauschenberg erases de Kooning
  • In Africa with A. S. Woudstra
  • Barbara Sjoholm’s far north adventure
  • Dionne Brand introduces Harold Sonny Ladoo
  • A letter from Charles Ritchie
  • New poems from James Arthur
  • A rediscovered interview with Walter Tevis
  • Guy Maddin on paper
  • A dispatch from Gerald Wallace Goode’s Plymouth
  • C. H. Kwock and Vincent McHugh talk translation
  • David Heiden visits a cataract camp in Tibet—a special photographic essay
  • Some words and pictures from our twenty-fifth anniversary party, including an interview with the silent-auction winner of the Michael Winter Mystery Box
  • Plus:
  • A delightful further helping of Lost Careers (in which intrepid writers the world over reveal to us the career paths they didn’t take) from: Ken Babstock, Dennis Bock, Lynn Coady, Karen Connelly, Michael Crummey, Erika de Vasconcelos, Nick Earls, Forrest Gander, Bill Gaston, Camilla Gibb, Alison Gordon, Jane Hirshfield, Fanny Howe, Isabel Huggan, John Irving, Pico Iyer, Charles Johnson, David Macfarlane, A. F. Moritz, Mary Morris, Jacques Plante, Andrew Pyper, Will Self, Susan Swan, Madeleine Thien, Alfredo Véa, Alan Warner, Darren Wershler-Henry, C. K. Williams, and C. D. Wright
  • Photos and illustrations by:
  • Michael Ondaatje, Michael Redhill, Harry Hook, Tom Sandler, Rae Johnson, Robert Rauschenberg, Mark Marracini, Martin Mordechai, Rick/Simon, Linda Spalding, Elaine Ling, Douglas Fudge, Graeme Gibson, Simon Tanenbaum, Anne Simard, and Nathalie Robertson