Brick 65/66

Fall 2000



  • In this issue:
  • Alice Munro on William Maxwell
  • Edwidge Danticat in conversation
  • Jeffrey Eugenides remembers John Hawkes
  • Mary Morris searches for Kafka
  • Cartoons by Margaret Atwood
  • a new story by Barry Lopez
  • Michael Ondaatje’s Lost Classic
  • Sergei Eisenstein’s Mexican misadventure
  • Walter Murch on editing sound for film
  • Anne Carson on Simonides
  • Helen Garner gets colonically irrigated
  • Isabel Huggan on living in France
  • Jennifer Baichwal films Paul Bowles
  • Robert Bringhurst translates Ghandl
  • Russell Banks on depression
  • Tissa Abeysekara: A filmmaker writes
  • John Berger’s farewell to Victor Anant
  • Kurosawa complains
  • Helen Garner visits the spa
  • Excerpts from The page-turner’s sister by Jean McKay
  • Film sound by Walter Murch
  • A recipe from Harold Weber
  • Cecily Moös regrets
  • Photos and illustrations by:
  • Yves Berger, Jacqueline Rau, David Bolduc, Paul Bowles, Jane Bowles, Terence Spencer, Bill Belli, Brookie Maxwell, Chaminda Priyanjith Upasena, Ute Schendal, Chris Miner, Terashima Ryuichi, Gustave Le Grey, John Berger, Nancy Crampton, Wu Xi Zai, Michael Ondaatje, G. Alexandrov, George N. Bernard, and Isabel Huggan