Brick 63


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  • In this issue:
  • Helen Garner: On reading
  • Nettie Wild: Filming in Chiapas
  • Eleanor Wachtel: An interview with Jim Harrison
  • Susan Glickman: The violin and history
  • Murasaki Shikibu: Ancient music
  • Sean Dixon: The lure of the banjo
  • Jeff Biggers: A conversation with Alfredo Vea, Jr.
  • Elizabeth Hay: The visiting writer
  • William Corbett: Remembering Basil Bunting
  • Karen Connelly: From deep in the Thai jungle
  • More Lost Classics: Gunda Lambton, Laird Hunt
  • Chris Ware: A Scott Joplin song fragment discovered
  • Forrest Gander: An interview with C. S. Giscombe
  • Isabelle Eberhardt: Visiting a kif den
  • Kent Nussey: A last drive
  • Don McKay: A Lobo memory