Brick 61


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The Lost Classics Issue!

  • Essays on books loved and lost by Margaret Atwood, Alan Lightman, Robert Creeley, John Irving, Murray Bail, Greg Hollingshead, Helen Garner, Sarah Sheard, Janice Kulyk Keefer, Isabel Huggan, Stan Dragland,  Michael Helm, David Malouf, Anne Carson,  Russell Banks, Harry Mathews, Edmund White, Pico Iyer, Sam Solecki, Esta Spalding, Christopher Sleppo, Michael Redhill, Sharon Thesen, A. F. Moritz, John Ashbery, Mark Abley, Ernest McIntrye, Erin Mouré, Sharon Butala, Doug Fetherling, Charlie Foran, and Joanna Vasey


  • Grace Paley: On Isaac Babel
  • Jose Saramago: The Novel’s return to Poetry
  • Babette Mangolte: Bresson’s Pickpocket revisited