Brick 57


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  • In this issue:
  • Paul Auster: A book by Pierre Clastres
  • Daphne Marlatt: On Mother Talk
  • Roy Kiyooka: Mother Talk
  • Jorie Graham: On Anne Carson
  • John D’Agata: An interview with Anne Carson
  • Goran Simic: The armies in Sarajevo
  • David Stoll: I, Rigoberta Menchu
  • Harry Matthews: The Oulipo translations
  • Michael Ondaatje: A conversation with Edmund White
  • Siri Hustvedt: A plea for Eros
  • David Thomson: On Joan Didion’s Democracy
  • Theresa Kishkan: Women and bears
  • Janis Martinson: On David Honeyboy Edwards
  • David Honeyboy Edwards: The life of a Delta bluesman
  • Sean Virgo: The past