Brick 113

If only you could read by scent, as dogs do, the history of walls and the earth beneath our feet, everything would change.
—Victoria Amelina


  • Robert Bringhurst on commerce, culture, and the bookseller’s crusade
  • Héctor Abad remembers Victoria Amelina
  • Andrea Luka Zimmerman writes Palestine’s present tense
  • Eleanor Wachtel interviews William Kentridge
  • Iman Mersal exposes the nihilism of the archive
  • Sanna Wani feels the love
  • Phillip Dwight Morgan on knick-knacks and sorrows
  • Jan Zwicky encounters George Whalley’s contemplative mind
  • Ronna Bloom ghosts the catfisher
  • Allison LaSorda en plein air
  • Poetry by Fady Joudah, Zoe Whittall, Suzanne Gardinier, Cassidy McFadzean, and Cornel Bogle
  • Fiction by Theresa Wong and Victoria Amelina
  • Plus artwork by William Kentridge and Lauren Tamaki