Brick 110

I would like to be a writer who, if I cannot convey things in themselves, captures the air as it touches the world.
—Kyo Maclear


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  • Tributes to Stan Dragland from Don McKay, Michael Crummey, and Michael Winter
  • Kyo Maclear brings Monet into focus
  • Harold R. Johnson on the communal work of visiting
  • Eleanor Wachtel interviews Ocean Vuong
  • Mariano Vespa orbits the visual field (trans. Sarah Moses)
  • Alison C. Rollins charts a flight path
  • Jessica Johns makes do with story’s seeds
  • Nancy Baele leaves a message for Mavis Gallant
  • Ken Babstock’s odd jobs
  • Pasha Malla in conversation with translator Chris Andrews
  • Y-Dang Troeung on small-town terror, unseen labour, and quadruple overtime
  • Forrest Gander writes to Gozo Yoshimasu
  • Rose Cullis in double
  • Józef Czapski’s fever dream of art in imprisonment (trans. Alissa Valles)
  • Karen Solie and Rob Taylor honour Steven Heighton
  • Fiction by César Aira (trans. Chris Andrews), Idman Nur Omar, and Timothy Taylor
  • Poetry by Sadiqa de Meijer and Michael Ondaatje
  • A radio play by Anne Carson
  • Plus artwork by Rita Leistner, Gabrielle L’Hirondelle Hill, Jacqui Oakley, and Lauren Tamaki