Brick 101 – Digital

Summer 2018



  • Eleanor Wachtel interviews Kei Miller
  • Ed Pavlić pinpoints what drew James Baldwin south
  • Anosh Irani on one hijra’s trials and triumphs
  • José Teodoro in conversation with Peter Mettler
  • Reviews by Michael LaPointe, Sara Fruner, and Aaron Giovannone
  • Myrna Kostash recounts how a Greek poet endured the junta
  • Lise Gaston celebrates the profane in Thom Gunn’s archive
  • Janet Somerville reads Martha Gellhorn’s letters
  • Karen Connelly confronts the horror of solitary confinement
  • Geetha Sukumaran on Tamil poetry and Ahilan
  • Rachel Andrews imagines a borderless Europe
  • Yasmin Ladha invokes Kroetsch
  • J. M. Tyree walks the Thames Path
  • Lynn Crosbie pays tribute to her Francis
  • Fiction by Tsitsi Dangarembga, Canisia Lubrin, and Eduardo Halfon
  • Poetry by Souvankham Thammavongsa, Cyrus Console, and Nikki Wallschlaeger
  • Plus artwork by Rita Duffy, Manny Trinh, Nishant Dwivedi, Kevin Rabalais, J. M. Tyree, Sarah Levy, Tara Quinn, and Lynn Crosbie.