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Brick is an unpredictable, original, yet reliable feast which I’ve enjoyed year after year. Nobody who cares about books or life could be disappointed in it.

— Alice Munro

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Because Brick does not have charitable status, we are unable to issue tax receipts.

Brick Wall

  • Cornerstones: $5,001+
    Anonymous x 2, George & Martha Butterfield, Scott Griffin, In Memory of Dan Lee
  • Keystones: $1,001–5,000
    333 Anon, Anonymous, Margaret Atwood, Michael Barnstijn & Louise MacCallum, Dr. Andreas Conradi, Robert Cove, Ron Graham, Sonja N. Koerner, Mary Lou Thomson, B. G. Wiens
  • Mortar: $501–1,000
    Anonymous x 2, Lucia Cascioli, Duncan Glaholt, Bill & Dianne Graham, John Irving, Pamela Krasney, Kevin & Sharon Krause, Harvey Loen, Julie Mancini, Alice Munro, Jane Rule, Gerald Schwartz, Sam Solecki, Esta Spalding, Valerie Trueblood, Posthumously for Eve B. Woods
  • Foundation: $101–500
    Angie Abdou, Diana Adams, Caroline Adderson, India Amos, Madhur Anand, Karen Andersen, Carol & Kenneth Anderson, DS Anderson, Gallery Paule Anglim, Anonymous x 10, Michel Arpin & Denise Spitzer, Houry Artinian, Anonymous in Honour of Cecily Moos, Anita Rau Badami, Nancy and Felix Baele, Marco Balestrin, Russell Banks, Linda Barclay, Mark Bartlett, Judy Fong Bates, Tamara Bernstein, Stan Bevington, Peter D. Birt, Ronna Bloom, Shirley Blumberg, Kriss Boggild, Michelle Boone, Rosalind Brackenbury, Paul Bridgeford, John Brotman, Colin Browne, Barbara Bucknall, Catherine Bush, Nathalie Butterfield, David & Stevie Cameron, Rosemary Cameron, Naomi Campbell, Wilhelmina Cavan, Anne Chellas, Anita Chong, Garrell Clark, Teju Cole, Diane Conn & Mace Neufeld, Jan Conn, Kaz Connelly, Susan Cottrelle, Brad Cran, Susan Crean, C. Crockford, Joseph Curtin, Bobbi Dahlman, Susan Davidoff, Wende L. Davis, Gillian Diamond, Annie Dillard & Bob Richardson, Eric Domville, Ariel Dorfman, Ann Douglas, Rackstraw Downes, Stan Dragland, Maggie Dwyer, Gretel Ehrlich, Heather Evans, Elizabeth Farnsworth, Fish Magic Press, Stephen Flewelling, Aminatta Forna, Mark Fried, Linda Gaboriau, Peggy Gale, Nancy Garruba, Tony Gatner, Bob Gibson, In Memory of Audrey Gill, Margie Gillis, Alison Gordon, Barbara Gowdy, Cameron Graham, Catherine Graham, Charlotte Gray, Kristine Greenaway, Michael Greenstein, Hillary Gulley, Mark Hage, Oswald Hall, Mary-Ann Haney, In Memory of Jim Harrison, Robert Hass & Brenda Hillman, Jody Hawley, Elizabeth Hay, Richard Helm, Michael Henry, Ute Hertel, Mavis Himes, Jane Hirshfield, Jeffrey Hoffeld, Evan J. Hoskins, Isabel Huggan, Trudy Hunter, Nathan Iverson, Marni Jackson, Anthony Jeffery, Kim Jernigan, Christopher Johnston, Bonnie Jull, Donald Kahn, Barbara Kelly, Anne Kennedy & Robert Sullivan, Dan Kizziah, Morson Koo, Myrna Kostash, Mitch Kowalski, Amitava Kumar, James Leslie, Ellen Levine, Tim Lilburn, Ottie Lockey, damian lopes, Kenneth Louder, Canisia Lubrin, Todd Mager, Anne Malena, Ann Mandel, Bill Manhire, David Manicom, Reynolds Mastin, Ellen Matsui, Joyce McClelland, Judith McCormack, Margaret McCoy, Fiona McHugh, Jerry McIntosh, Jil McIntosh, Gail McLaren, Anne Michaels, Mary di Michele, Dr. Mary Jane Miller, Isa Milman, Marja B. Moens, Elenna Monchesky, Bill Morrison, Daniel David Moses, Sayaka Motonaga, Claire & Farley Mowat, Walter and Muriel Murch, Pat Myers, Nereus Financial Inc., M. Nowaczyk, Peter Oliva, David & Liz Ondaatje, Gregg Orr, Elliott Pearl, Brian & Leanne Perry, Kimberley Peter, Curt Peters, John H. Peterson, Corwin D. Pine, James Polk, Nicholas Power, Annie Proulx, puppet café, Brendan Quinn, Roberta Quinn, Cecil Rabinovitch, Rattling Books, Linda & Marshall Redhill, Dennis Reid, Martin Helmut Reis, Shane Rhodes, In Memory of Connie Rooke, Clayton Ruby, Nicholas & Cheryl Ruddock, Sandra Rutenberg, Ann Saddlemyer, Leslie Sanders, Richard Sanger, Larry Scanlan, Cynthia Scott, In Memory of Frank & Marian Scott, Christina Sharpe, Kenneth Sherman, Carolynne Siller, Michael Silverblatt, Marie Slaight, Ali Smith, Kilby Smith-McGregor, Adam Sol, Margaret Spinak, John Sproule, Penni Stewart, Susan Swan, Nadia Szilvassy, Jordan Timm, Earle Toppings, Aritha van Herk, Katharine Vansittart, Evelyn von Almassy, Charis Wahl, Dara Wier, Chris Whynot, Donez Xiques, Iranee Zarb
  • Groundbreaking: $50–100
    Anonymous x 6, André Alexis, Jody Aliesan, James Arthur, Nadine Bachan, Martha Baillie, Dilin Baker, Norman Barrett, Brian Bartlett, Elizabeth Benedict, Lawrence Bennett, Roger Berger, Kathleen Bisagna, Anita Boyd, Jeremy Brockes, Dennis Brown, Helen Brown, Russell Brown & Donna Bennett, In Memory of Brian Browne, Phyllis Bruce, Pauline Carey, Gemma Clarke, Claudette Cooke, Catherine Cooper, Pat Craig, Patrick Crean, Charles Crockford, Mary-Jane Dalon, Josephine Dasko, Lydia Davis, Mary Devine, Brook Dickson and Kurt Navratil, Jeramy Dodds, Beatrice Donald, Adelaide Donnelley, Keith Duggan, Rose Dymetryszyn, Hadley Dyer, Kim Echlin, Sophie Edwards, Atom Egoyan, Jane Ellison, Denise Fidia, Dorothy Field, Julie Filion, Paul Fiorillo, Charles Foran, Barbara Forbes, In Memory of Brooke Forbes, Jill Frayne, Anouchka Freybe, Paul Gagné, In Memory of Mavis Gallant, Forrest Gander & C.D. Wright, Kuldip Gill, Stuart Goddard, Ann Goldsmith, In Memory of Richard Gorman, Carolyn Gossage, Nora Gould, Eddie Grant, Peter Grant, Larry Green, Barbara Greene, Roland Gulliver, Dr. Frances Hamilton, Ken Hamm, Maureen Scott Harris, Burr Heneman, Isabel Henniger, Michael Hetherington, George Hildebrand, Sue & Colin Hitchmough, Sandra Hogan, Peter Honderich, Fanny Howe, Victoria Hughes, Laird Hunt, In Memory of Gail Hutchison, Maureen Hynes, Pico Iyer, James Jacobs, Toireasa Jespersen, Milton & Marion Jewell, Dustin Johnson, Anne Katz, George Kelly, Kaylee Knecht, Barbara Klunder, Anita Lahey, Toby Langen, Carole Larsen, Matthias Leber, Suzie LeBlanc, Cecelia & Bill Lee, Dennis Lee, Marilyn M. Leister, Libby Lennie, Vivien Leong, Margot Lettner, In Memory of Norman Levine, Madeline Levine, Cecil Louis, Ken Ludlow, Norma Lundberg, Wendy MacIntyre, Kyo Maclear, Elaine MacNeill, Aga Maksimowska, Joan Malcomsen, Gwen Martin, Bill Mascioli, Maria & Peter Matthiessen, Sandra McCauley, Anette McConnell, Margaret McClure, Arvo McMillan, Brian Meeson, Philomena Meffe, Jess Merber, Claire Messud, Lynne Mijangos, Carmelo Militano, Honey Moore, Lisa Moore, Peter Moss, Javaria Mughal, Jane Munro, Mary Newberry, Paige Nichols, Karl Nilsen, In Memory of Ron Noganosh, John O’Connor, Erin O’Neil, Jacques Oulé, Sedat Pakay/Hudson Film Works, Margarita Papenbrock, Yves Papillon, Nelofer Pazira, Lorne Peterson, Claire Pfeiffer, Barbara Ponomareff, Liza Potvin, Janice Priddy, Alex Pugsley, Kevin Rabalais, Susan Reaney, Naben Ruthnum, Damian Rogers, James Salter, Wiebke See, Motek Sherman, Ian Slayter, Rebecca Silver Slayter, Eileen Smith, John Bell Smithback, Karen Solie, Alan Somerset, John Steffler, Peter Stephens, In Memory of Barb Stimpson, Merna Summers, Alexandre & Amy Thiltges, Kathleen Thurber, Lola Tostevin, Laurie Ubben, Christine van Moorsel, Sally Vernon, Abigail Vines, Genanne Walsh, Terence Ward, Matthew Werdegar, Edmund White, Chris Wiebe, Graeme Williamson, Murray Wilson, Regina Wischmeyer, In Memory of Leo Yerxa, Jan Zwicky