Tobias Wenzel is a journalist and photographer based in Berlin. He has published two works of non-fiction, most recently Solange ich lebekriegt mich der Tod nicht: Friedhofsgänge mit Schriftstellern (As Long As I Live, Death Won’t Catch Me: Cemetery Strolls With Writers). His photographs and radio reports have been exhibited in solo shows in Germany and Switzerland.

Cemetery Strolls with Writers: Cees Nooteboom

Translated from the Germanby Diana Leca
Invalidenfriedhof Berlin, Germany December 16, 2009 “Writers in cemeteries around the world? That book already exists. Cees Nooteboom wrote it.” I remember turning very red on that day in early 2009 when my colleague at Deutschlandradio Kultur spoke those words. . . .
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