Lisa Moore is the author of the novels CaughtFebruary, and AlligatorCaught was adapted as a television series for the CBC. Her most recent work is a collection of short stories called Something for Everyone. She lives in St. John’s, Newfoundland.

Snow Squalls in May

What it means to live in a body. How writing takes me out of my body—how I forget my body. And—thump—I’m back. When I write I am not here. Or: I am more here than ever when I . . .
Brick 102

The Review: The Fiction of Margaret Gibson

A photograph of Margaret Gibson taken by John Reeves appears in her story collection Desert Thirst, published in 1997. It is an arresting image for many reasons. The photograph is an extreme close-up, sharply focused, of a mature, unsmiling . . .
Brick 98

Mavis Gallant in Malibu

I am reading Mavis Gallant on Malibu Beach. Sleek and sunset-lit, surfers weave around one another, a small army in their glistening black uniforms. They lean and swerve until walls of crumbling foam swallow them. Behind me, Porsches and Jaguars . . .
Brick 89