On Writing: Melanie Mah

Melanie Mah is the author of the 2017 Trillium Award–winning novel The Sweetest One. She also contributed to Brick’s one hundredth issue with the thoughtful and charged “Grave, Prince Albert” and is currently at work on an intergenerational memoir. . . .
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Brick 101 Launches June 4

Come melt away those winter woes and join us as we launch our Summer 2018 issue, Brick 101, on Monday, June 4, 7 pm, at the Gladstone’s Melody Bar, 1214 Queen Street West in Toronto. The event will be hosted . . .
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A Jim Harrison Collection

Brick has been fortunate enough to acquire an extensive collection of Jim Harrison’s fiction, kindly donated to us by Robert Cove, to offer for sale to his devoted fans. Most of these editions are first printings, published in Canada or . . .
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On Writing: Lynn Crosbie

For the second instalment in our writing process investigation, author Lynn Crosbie, never stopping short of candour, kindly answered some questions over email. Crosbie’s tender and sensitive essay “Francis Albert Crosbie, 2000–2017” will appear in Brick 101.   Brick: In . . .
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On Writing: Michael Redhill

One of the things we love to read at Brick is a writer writing about writing. Fortunately, Brick’s contributors are not only wonderful talents, they are also kind enough to share their insights. In a series on the writing . . .
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Brick 100 Feature: An Interview with Ai Weiwei

If you haven’t had a chance to sit down with this one yet, stop everything. In this wide-ranging conversation about art, life, and politics, Ai Weiwei tells Eleanor Wachtel about his father’s imprisonment and his own, surviving in New York . . .
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Start the Countdown: Brick 101

Brick’s editors are at it again. Our Summer 2018 issue is taking shape and will include new writing by Lynn Crosbie, Eduardo Halfon, Anosh Irani, and more. Here are some of the pieces you can look forward to: Ed . . .
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We’re off to AWP!

Next week, we head to Tampa, Florida, for the 2018 conference of the Association of Writers and Writing Programs (March 8–10). If you’re attending the conference, come visit us in the book fair, at booth T223. Pick up our latest . . .

Featured Artist: Jonathan Luckhurst

Introduced by Jacob Bermel   In Brick‘s current issue, Jan Zwicky describes the experience of meaning as “the experience of a gestalt—either a shift out of chaos or a shift from one coherent arrangement to another, the perception of . . .
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Our Gift Subscription Holiday Deals

Looking for gifts for the literature lovers in your life? Partake of one of our holiday gift subscription deals (Canadian, U.S., or overseas) and send two years of Brick to friends and family looking for the kind of moving, hilarious, . . .
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Poetry in the Age of Consequences

“Do we need to muster the political will required to take the measures still available? Absolutely. But do we also need to consider how to encounter the reality of climate change, how to feel it, how to live with feeling . . .
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Six Ways You Can Support Brick This Season

All of us at Brick have noticed a new urgency in the work we’ve published over the past year. Maybe you’ve noticed it too. It can certainly be found in Brick’s 100th issue. This urgency—encompassing grief for the environment, . . .
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Next Year’s Perqs

Conceived in the brainpan of Michael Redhill, Brick columnist, editor emeritus, Giller winner, aspiring ocelot smuggler.   We here at Brick understand that our subscribers expect to feel special. And why shouldn’t they? It’s due to our subscribers that . . .