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Brick 90
Winter 2013

Brick 90

Brick 90 Cover Image

Winter 2013

The great interrogation room is the stanza, you are standing at its door.
Dionne Brand

Leon Rooke invokes his muse
Robert Hass on literature and violence
Teju Cole on Alice Oswald’s Memorial
Dionne Brand on the back of a leaf
Alice Oswald in conversation with Naomi Jaffa
Edward St. Aubyn talks to Eleanor Wachtel
Dennis Reid looks at Lawren Harris
Colm Tóibín on Mary Lavin
David Thomson on Godard’s Vivre Sa Vie
Jocelyn Parr rewrites history
Joshua Weiner celebrates Mina Loy
Aaron Gilbreath on Miles Davis’s singular method
Christine Pountney smells smoke
Valeria Luiselli on a childhood in Pretoria
Alex Pugsley’s fantasy league
Jim Harrison’s survival plan
Fiction by Juan Gabriel Vásquez
Poems by Mathew Henderson
Notes from Mavis Gallant, Willa Cather, & Gregor von Rezzori


Treasures from the David Milne Archives

And in the Review:

Linda Spalding, Laurie D Graham, Craig Proctor, & Grant Buday

Photos and illustrations by:

Peter Everard Smith, Bastien Vivès, Murdo Mcleod, Paddy Whelan, Jonathan Castellino, & Manny Trinh