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from Brick 88


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Brick 97 Cover Image

Michael Redhill remembers Jim Harrison
Madeleine Thien translates Khun Srun
Brenda Hillman, Karen Solie, Frances Mayes, Laird Hunt, Sharon Thesen, and Eleni Sikelianos celebrate C. D. Wright
Eleanor Wachtel talks to Jenny Erpenbeck
Reviews by Shaun Pett, Kate Cayley, Ben Merriman, and Alissa Valles
Rivka Galchen tangos with bureaucracy
Pasha Malla on the ideal audience

Brick 96 Cover Image

Alissa York tests her memories
Elizabeth Farnsworth meets Mnemosyne
Stephen Marche on the Île de Gorée
Jocelyn Parr reviews Maggie Nelson’s Bluets
Three poems by Jane Hirshfield
Fiction by Maylis de Kerangal, Sara Majka, Daniel Gascón, and Alex Pugsley

Brick 95 Cover Image

A special feature on childhood books, featuring:

Marina Endicott, Pico Iyer, Colum McCann, Kilby Smith-McGregor, Melora Wolff, Eugene McCabe, George Murray, William Kowalski, Frank Macdonald, Aga Maksimowska, Sarah Faber, John Goldbach, Eliza Robertson, Yasuko Thanh, Madeleine Thien, Lisa Moore, and Johanna Skibsrud.

Javier Montes and the secret cinemas of Rio
John Irving chooses fiction over fact
Erica Johnson Debeljak with Hemingway in Slovenia

Brick 94 Cover Image
Sold Out

Russell Banks revisits Key Largo
Patrick Leigh Fermor reads The Brothers Karamazov
Jan Zwicky, Darren Bifford, and Warren Heiti talk shop
Mårni Jåacksøn struggles
Tobias Wenzel’s grave conversations with Ko Un, Héctor Abad, and Cees Nooteboom
Poetry by Michael Redhill, Jim Harrison, Joshua Mensch, and Barbara McLean

Ali Smith celebrates Harriet Martineau
Geoff Dyer explores Arctic photography
Juan Gabriel Vásquez in conversation with Javier Cercas
Love letters between London and Łódź
Richard Sennett talks to Eleanor Wachtel
Reviews by Alissa Valles, Craig Proctor, Birna Bjarnadóttir, Jessica Michalofsky, and C. D. Wright

Brick 86 Cover Image

New fiction from Colm Tóibín
Charles Foran on his biography of Mordecai Richler
Seamus Heaney talks to Eleanor Wachtel
Marybeth Hamilton listens to Jelly Roll Morton
Bernard Shaw and Gene Tunney: an unlikely friendship
Keri Walsh on the best bookshop in Paris

Brick 85 Cover Image

Zadie Smith talks to Eleanor Wachtel 
Sean Michaels deep under Paris
Javier Marías talks to Juan Gabriel Vásquez 
Julio Cortázar writes to Luis Buñuel 
New poetry by Robert Hass, Steven Heighton, and Laura Lush 
Carl Wilson pays tribute to Kate McGarrigle 

Brick 84 Cover Image

Halldór Laxness’s wanderings
W. S. Merwin and Mark Doty celebrate Deborah Digges
A tribute to Allan King
Charles Dickens’s beloved pets
Geoff Dyer in conversation with José Teodoro
How to cook ptarmigan

Brick 83 Cover Image

Patricia Rozema directs Harold Pinter
Gabrielle Buffet-Picabia looks back with Paule Anglim
Colm Tóibín on Michael Donaghy and Don Paterson
Eduardo Galeano’s stories of almost everyone
José Saramago speaks to Juan Cruz
Terence Davies rewinds
Essays by Isabel Huggan, Mark Fried, and Sarah Rothenberg

Brick 82 Cover Image

Werner Herzog and Paul Holdengräber discuss
the twentieth century
Elizabeth Bowen and Charles Ritchie in love
Haruki Murakami on translating The Great Gatsby
Leon Edel meets Bernard Shaw
Carolyn Forché remembers Mahmoud Darwish
The fall of David Harsent
New poetry from Mahmoud Darwish, Zhu Wen, Phil Hall, and David Harsent

Brick 81 Cover Image

Nikita Lalwani pictures genius
Roberto Bolaño and Forrest Gander visit and revisit
Nicanor Parra
Lydia Davis in conversation with Eleanor Wachtel
Leona Theis stars in her own private western
Alex Pugsley interviews Mordecai Richler
Plus: Nat Farbman’s stunning lost photos of the San Francisco Beat scene

Brick 80 Cover Image

Tomas Tranströmer’s breathing room
Mavis Gallant: An in-depth interview with Stéphan Bureau
Orhan Pamuk on the Brothers K
New poetry from Sharon Olds and Don McKay
Barbara Gowdy talks to Ramona Koval
Carmen Aguirre slips over the border

Brick 79 Cover Image

Charles Bukowski: A lost interview with Lucy Gray
Javier Marías bids an inspiration goodbye
Chimamanda Adichie and Michael Ondaatje in conversation
Sheila Heti tries to stay home
Arnold Schoenberg’s artistic dictates
A letter from Robert Duncan

Brick 78 Cover Image

Sylvia Plath’s theory of poetry
Vikram Seth talks to Eleanor Wachtel
Robert Hass salutes Robin Blaser
John Berger on Pasolini
Plus: A special insert of Nelofer Pazira’s pictures from Afghanistan

Brick 77 Cover Image

Leonard Cohen confesses to Shelagh Rogers
Edward Said on Jean Genet
Falling off the wagon with Taras Grescoe
Dmitri Shostakovich’s wartime letters
Celebrating forty years of Coach House Press

Brick 76 Cover Image

David Sedaris talks with Esta Spalding
Dionne Brand gets ready to rumble
An unpublished letter from William Faulkner
Toni Morrison talks with Maya Jaggi
Geoff Dyer on W. G. Sebald, Thomas Bernhard, and Kenro Izu
Oliver Sacks on Thom Gunn

Brick 75 Cover Image

An interview with Marilynne Robinson
Rackstraw Downes on landscape
Don Paterson reveals a few poetic secrets
A daughter of Iraq returns
Amit Chaudhuri on John Ford
Inside Chris Ware’s sketchbooks 

Brick 74 Cover Image

The letters of Al Purdy
Don DeLillo: The remote artists
Margaret Atwood’s Wild Kingdom
Alberto Manguel reads Kim
Tarzan’s first letter(s) to Jane
Michael Winter stalks Norman Levine

Brick 73 Cover Image

Excerpts from Northrop Frye’s notebooks
An interview with Tony Kushner
Margaret Atwood’s cat at the Pearly Gates
A report from the food front by Jim Harrison
Russell Banks on Mavis Gallant’s Montreal
Jeffrey Eugenides and omens

Brick 72 Cover Image

Alice Munro on “The Love of a Good Woman”
The mystery deepens for Lawrence Weschler
A play by Carol Shields
Plus: More lost careers, featuring John Irving, Dennis Bock, Camilla Gibb, Will Self, Madeleine Thien, A. F. Moritz, and Ken Babstock

Brick 71 Cover Image

Art Spiegelman on Krazy Kat
A letter from Günter Grass
Plus: Lost Careers featuring A. L. Kennedy, Geoff Dyer, Atom Egoyan, Robert Creeley, Dionne Brand, Mark Kingwell, Wayne Johnston, Annie Proulx, Sheila Heti, Christian Bök, and Elizabeth Hay

Brick 70 Cover Image

Jane Jacobs talks to Eleanor Wachtel
Edward Said and Daniel Barenboim talk music
Margaret Atwood celebrates Timothy Findley and Peter Rabbit
John Ralston Saul on Charles de Gaulle
Ramona Koval tracks down the Sarajevo Haggadah
Plus: A Letter from Turgenev

Brick 69 Cover Image
Sold Out

James Wood interviews W. G. Sebald
Marni Jackson remembers Carole Corbeil
Pico Iyer on the nights songs of Leonard Cohen
Michael Ondaatje talks to Walter Murch
Lydia Davis on Stendhal’s Henry Brulard
An appreciation of Carol Shields by Nino Ricci

Brick 68 Cover Image

A radio play by Anthony Minghella
Raymond Carver through Kent Nussey’s eyes
Lisa Moore betrays Michael Winter
Virginia Woolf on Jane Austen’s unwritten novels
Plus a special insert by Deborah Luster on the Louisiana Correctional Institute for Women

Brick 67 Cover Image

J. M. Coetzee talks to Eleanor Wachtel
Annie Proulx celebrates William Gass
Colm Tóibín rediscovers Eugene McCabe
Jonathan Lethem gets mugged
Erin Mouré rewrites Pessoa
Anne Carson on The Iliad

Brick 65/66 Cover Image

Alice Munro on William Maxwell
Edwidge Danticat in conversation
Jeffrey Eugenides remembers John Hawkes
Cartoons by Margaret Atwood
Russell Banks on depression
A recipe from Harold Weber
Robert Bringhurst translates Ghandl

Brick 64 Cover Image

Marilynne Robinson on Moses and Christianity
Pico Iyer rereads Lawrence
James Reaney remembers
Roddy Doyle in conversation with Eleanor Wachtel
Leon Edel on victory and de Gaulle

Brick 63 Cover Image

Forrest Gander interviews C. S. Giscombe
Helen Garner on reading
Kent Nussey takes a last drive
Chris Ware discovers Scott Joplin
Elizabeth Hay and the writer’s life

Brick 62 Cover Image

Anne Carson smells the difference between
poetry and prose
Michael Ondaatje, Sam Solecki & Linda Spalding
in conversation with W. S. Merwin
Wes Anderson takes Pauline Kael to the movies
John Hawkes visits Provence
Joan Skogan on Kosovo

Brick 61 Cover Image
Sold Out

José Saramago on the novel’s return to poetry
Grace Paley on Isaac Babel
Margaret Atwood, Robert Creeley, Russell Banks, John Irving, Helen Garner, Alan Lightman, Erin Mouré, and others on Lost Classics

Brick 60 Cover Image

Christian Bök speaks to The Aliens
Dennis Lee’s memories of Miron
Javier Marías in Buenos Aires
Brian Bartlett’s two small islands
Kyo Maclear on cyberculture

Brick 59 Cover Image
Sold Out

James Wood interviews W. G. Sebald
Barry Lopez recalls childhood incidents
Veronica Horwell on Martha Gellhorn
Eleanor Wachtel in conversation with Robert Stone
David Manicom in Armenia

Brick 58 Cover Image

Dionne Brand’s dualities
Dennis Lee in Rochdale
John Berger writes Subcommandante Marcos
Jane Rule on grief
Carole Corbeil in conversation with George Walker
Lucia Berlin gets lost in the Louvre

Brick 57 Cover Image
Limited Quantities Available

Anne Carson on Virginia Woolf
Siri Hustvedt pleas for Eros
David Honeyboy Edwards sings the blues
Roy Kiyooka on Mother Talk
Theresa Kishkan goes berry picking

Brick 56 Cover Image
Limited Quantities Available

Stevie Cameron chasing Mulroney
Matt Cohen on Stephen Leacock
Joyce Carol Oates, the madness of art, and Henry James
Alberto Manguel on Santa Evita
Michael Redhill visits Dublin

Brick 55 Cover Image
Sold Out

John Berger and a likeness
Carolyn Forché on the death of Oscar Romero
Esta Spalding in conversation with Janice Kulyk Keefer
André Gide apologizes to Proust
Rosemary Sullivan on P. K. Page in Mexico

Brick 54 Cover Image

Alberto Manguel steals saints
Deborah Baker on Laura Riding
Alan Lightman and the great chain of science
Making movies with Zohmah Charlot
Gregor von Rezzori on yesterday’s realities

Brick 53 Cover Image

Howard Zinn in conversation with Alice Walker
Walter Murch on film editing
Anne Carson on Simonides
Eleanor Wachtel interviews John Berger
Peter Harcourt on Godard’s films
Charles Foran lets loose

Brick 52 Cover Image
Limited Quantities Available

Nancy Huston on being both beautiful and intelligent
Jane Jacobs remembers Hannah Breece
Eleanor Wachtel in conversation with Carolyn Forché
Brian Brett dreams of garlic
Caryl Phillips talks to Salman Rushdie