photo of Mavis Gallant
Brick 80
Winter 2007


How often does Brick come out?

We publish two issues per year: Winter (on newsstands from late November to May), and Summer (late May to November).

Where can I buy copies of the magazine?

Brick is available at bookstores and newsagents across Canada and the United States. For a complete list of stores, check here. If you don't see your local bookstore listed, you might want to ask them to carry Brick (we’d love it if you would), or better yet, you could subscribe and we’ll come directly to your door.

How can I subscribe?

You can easily order Brick online through our Orders page, or send a cheque or money order with your name and address to:

P.O. Box 609, STN P
Toronto, ON
M5S 2Y4 Canada

Brick is $41 CAD in Canada, $44 USD in the U.S., and $49 USD overseas for a two-year subscription (that’s four issues!).

Okay, I’m a subscriber. It’s mid-June (or mid-December). Where’s my Brick?

Depending on where you live and the odd irregularities of the post, your issue of Brick may take a little longer to get to you. If it has been more than a couple of weeks and you’re feeling anxious, please do get in touch to ensure we have your correct address.

How do I change my address?

Send us an email with your old and new address clearly distinguished. We’ll do the rest, and even send you a confirmation email.

I have an idea for a Brick piece. To whom should I address my query letter?

Alas, to someone else. Brick does not accept queries, we are only interested in hard copies of completed manuscripts.

How can I submit to Brick?

We’re happy to accept a hard copy of your non-fiction manuscript, but first, to ensure you meet all of our guidelines, please go to our submissions page.

Who should I email my fiction and/or poetry to?

Please, not us. Brick does not accept unsolicited fiction or poetry, or any submissions by email. Please reread our submissions guidelines.

Does Brick offer internships?

Although we have no formal internship program, we do occasionally offer keen individuals the chance to volunteer with us on a part-time basis. If interested, please send us a brief email outlining your interest in Brick with a copy of your CV and let us contact you when we’re looking.