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What is Brick?

Brick has been called many things: an “anthology of enthusiasms” (Michael Ondaatje), “the best literary publication in North America” (Annie Proulx), and “more fun than any other literary magazine around” (Robert Hass). Brick is where the world’s best-loved writers have wide, lively, personal discussions about art, culture, and the written word.

Brick was founded in London, Ontario, in 1977 by Stan Dragland and Jean McKay. From 1985 until 2013, Michael Ondaatje led the magazine and helped to establish its international reputation, leaving a legacy of intellectual curiosity and passion for the written word.

Now based in Toronto and edited by Linda Spalding, Michael Redhill, Michael Helm, Rebecca Silver Slayter, Laurie D Graham, and Martha Sharpe, Brick’s mandate remains unchanged: to create a beautiful product filled with the most invigorating and challenging literary essays, interviews, memoirs, travelogues, belles lettres, and unusual musings we can get our hands on.

Brick is published twice a year and distributed to bookstores worldwide.


ISSN: 0382-8565


What they say about us...

Brick is an unpredictable, original, yet reliable feast which I’ve enjoyed year after year. Nobody who cares about books or life could be disappointed in it.

— Alice Munro

Brick is one of the best, if not the best, journals of ideas published in the English-speaking world—a gathering of ideas from writers who think, and thinkers who write, in familiar and popular genres: the old-fashioned book-review, the personal essay and memoir, the interview, letters, even the obituary. As my mother, with undisguised fear, used to say of some of my more vivid friends, Brick has character.

— Russell Banks

Brick is a reader’s and writer’s magazine, that rare ground of common interest and exchange. It’s a remarkable bastion against the blurs and distractions of the all-too-familiar alternatives. Here reading always wins.

— Robert Creeley

I read Brick cover to cover. I save each Brick....Brick represents integrity in publishing. It is also one of two North American magazines that keeps the flame of literature alive. It’s hilarious, too. Pretend it is a MAD Magazine and read the tiniest type.

— Annie Dillard

Brick is the literary journal that makes me simply giddy when it comes—like I’m Krazy Kat, and the magazine is a konk on the head by a beloved mouse.

— Jonathan Lethem

Brick is intelligent and richly figured, a literary magazine for people who think and relish words and the ways they are joined. It sails the sea of letters like a well-built dory.

— Annie Proulx

Brick is a continual source of delight. For its clarity, intelligence, flair. For its breadth of vision, international scope, quirky angles. Brick is Canada’s finest literary magazine.

— Di Brandt

Brick is on its own, a constantly surprising and exciting gathering of literary and visual talents from every direction. I know of no more vital and original literary journal anywhere.

— W. S. Merwin

… so many adventuresome and courageous incursions and crossings of another sort, into stories and thoughts and poems that one could find nowhere else. This is a brick that needs to be heaved right through the windows of every reading mind on the continent.

— Ariel Dorfman


Our Friends

We don’t like to brag, but here at Brick we have a lot of great friends.